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The new product lineup for Wusik is here. 3 Retro Styled Products covering different sounds and styles. It all started as an homage to the old Atari ST computers but evolved into something new and exciting.

At the top comes a new DAW, named STX, with features never seen before. A new type of workflow, following a semi-DOS keyboard approach, while still being modern and mouse compatible. This product is 80% done and a beta version is already out.

The second is an 8-bit-based Single-Cycle Sequencer and Sample Player with great sounds and a new sample library. This is the ST8, a fully customizable sound sequencing synth with sample playback zones and a full drum machine featuring complex step options. This product has been released already and comes with over 200 presets.

The final product is the ST12, a 12-bit advanced sampler and wave sequencing synth that is still been develop.

All products share the same retro style and feature full or advanced keyboard support, a resizable interface, custom sample importing, and more. Read more about each product by visiting the online store.

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