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Wusik Beat

A Hardware Workstation
Based on the Pi Pico and Arduino Boards
With 3D Printed Case (source files provided)


This is just a hobby of mine, but I take it seriously. And it's nothing new, I already released multiple drum machines under the Beat707 brand. But this time I want to make a complete project, with a case and better hardware. Please, use the button below to contribute (donate)( to this project, so I can start digging in.


The initial plan is to make a PCB that can host multiple sound-boards. Each board could be a sample playback unit, virtual analog synth or effect. Making it easy to expand and add more features to it. As for each board feature, it will depend, but I'm thinking on using better boards such as the Pi Pico and ESP32 plus newer Arduino boards. This will give us more features per board. I don't have a list yet, as I haven't started, but I will soon.

Older Beat707 Projects

You can find several videos of my previous Beat707 projects on YouTube. The first drum machine had a great following of users and was a success.

All Videos

All Videos

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