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Wusik JX1

$99.95 USD
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Product Details

Download Full Demonstration (no timeouts or audio artifacts, just doesn't save presets)

Windows Version Released: 64 Bits VST2/VST3 and StandAlone (.EXE)

Wusik JX1 is a new VA Synth in the Wusik lineup. Featuring:

  • Global Effects;
  • 2 Layers featuring:
    • 2 OSCs with Sawtooth and Pulse Crossfade;
    • Filter with LFO and ADSR Envelope (loopable);
    • ADSR Amp Envelope (loopable);
    • PWM LFO;
    • 24 Note Polyphony or Mono Mode (with Legato and Glide modes);
    • Vibrato and Glide LFOs;
    • Option to Hardsync OSC A to B;
    • Additive or Subtractive Synthesis option between OSCs.
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