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Wusik MSTR

$49.95 USD
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Product Details

Audio Spectrum Analyzer Plus EQ Mastering

Windows PC 64 bits native formats: Stand Alone App, VST2 and VST3.

Wusik MSTR is an Audio Analyzer and Multi Band Equalizer. The interface features a graphic overview of what the audio looks like under multiple frequency dividers. Starting from 20 HZ up to 20 KHz.

The main features are as follow:

- Multi band equalizer;

- Multi snapshots with overlay option;

- Regular audio input and also test noises and tones;

- Output limiter;

- Multi band frequency analyzer with scale option for each band;

- 3db/Octave analyzer;

- Two types of EQs per band;

- Pink noise mixing helper via the scale - pink noise - option;

- Resizable interface;

- File loading and rendering with option to loop all the file or portions. Plus, processing of all MAX values;

- Auto reset MAX values: after silence and new audio, every N seconds or when the RESET button is clicked.

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