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Wusik PR82

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Product Details

Windows PC 64 bits native formats: Stand Alone App, VST2 and VST3.

V1.0.0 Officially Released (Feb 04 2021)

The whole idea of Wusik PR82 is to create a performance tool to play live using touch-screens or a tablet with remote screen access to a Windows computer. So it WON'T be a mobile (Android/iOS) app, keep that in mind. Check the video below for more details on the current version.

Key Features:

  • Loading of WAV/MP3 files to be looped.
  • Create your own interface with any number of Sound, Image and Button objects. Import images to use as buttons, background or just leave somewhere in the screen. EG: user logo.
  • Trigger sounds by mouse clicks, key strokes or MIDI events (notes and CC).
  • Keep sounds in sync with each other, trigger Drum Fills, Stops and anything else you can imagine.
  • Can be used Standalone or in any compatible Host/DAW with the VST2/VST3 version.
  • Groups can be used to have one sound stop another sound, or Back-To can be used to go back to a sound after another sound has played. EG: Drum Fills.
  • Templates for both Global Options and Object Options. So you can load a button design quickly, without the need to adjust every single parameter by hand.

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