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Wusik REC

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Product Details

Recorder, Player & Looper Effect App/Plugin (not an instrument) with MIDI Input Support (for extra features).

Windows PC 64 bits native formats: Stand Alone App, VST2 and VST3 Effect.

Wusik REC allows you to record in real-time, loop and mix sounds with advanced features (check a complete video below).

Load your DAW, select an instrument track and add Wusik REC as an insert. Now you can record and loop the instrument sound in real-time. Set Sync to ON and select how many measures (a complete 4/4 loop) you want to record and loop. The great thing about Wusik REC is that will start playing the loop as soon as you are over the measures time but will continue to record until you stop recording or the number of silences in the trim section is detected. This way you always record any Reverb or Delay tails along.

Another great feature of Wusik REC is the Key Switching option. Add Wusik REC to two tracks, and set a different key switch key to each track. Now you can turn on/off each track volume with the press of the selected notes. You may need to adjust the key-range on the instruments so they don't play on those notes. And set key split on each Wusik REC too, so it doesn't mute both tracks when keys are out of range.

Global Features:

  • Input volume (with MIDI learn option);
  • Key Switch Split (to split the keyboard when using multi-sound key switch option, see below);
  • Sync BPM to Host or use internal value.

You can have multiple sounds in parallel and each has the following features:

  • Sound Volume (with MIDI learn option);
  • Play/Stop the sound (each with MIDI learn option);
  • Record/Stop (with MIDI learn option);
  • Embedded the sound into the project file;
  • Sound Loop (using the Measures value, in sync with the tempo);
  • Monophonic Mode (1 voice);
  • MIDI Key Play/Stop with Latch option;
  • Key Switch (turns the input on/off);
  • Record auto trim silence (with min volume slider and number of seconds of silence);
  • Separated automation for the first 10 sounds: volume, play, stop, record and record type. Plus automation for the input volume.

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