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Wusik Station STX is a Keyboard and Mouse DAW, not a Mouse and Keyboard DAW

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Windows PC 64 bits Application. Compatible plugin formats: VST2 and VST3.

Requires multi-core CPU, average GPU, and is best used with a full-sized keyboard (with the Numpad). On my tests, I'm running it with an NVidia 1030 GPU and with great results.

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Top Features:

  • 30/60/120 FPS OpenGL-Based UI for fast VUs and Waveform Display;
  • Live Mode that bypasses plugins with latency > 0, for live recording of plugin instruments;
  • Clips can feature Audio or MIDI (Plugin Instrument Notes);
  • Set tracks to always stay at the top of the list;
  • Customizable Shortcuts;
  • Plugins can be inserted into a track directly by a keyboard shortcut or MIDI Note/CC#;
  • Non-Static screen with options such as Glitch and Fade (can be toggled on/off);
  • Per Track (and a Global one) Measure VU Meter rendered at 30/60/120 FPS (also acts as a volume slider when you move the mouse over it);
  • Master Waveform Oscilloscope rendered at 30/60/120 FPS;
  • Probability Settings per Note and Events;
  • Batch Tool that creates screenshots of all available plugins. Those can be used to show the selected plugin UI before inserting it into a track;
  • Inline Help System with a separate screen that features all major key shortcuts and an inline tutorial;
  • Vertical Mixer with the option to always show busses in the track listing and also to pin busses to the bottom;
  • Multi-Monitor Handling with extra Virtual Desktops;
  • Waveform display on Plugin Instruments Clips (not just audio clips);
  • No DRM (Copy Protection) so you can install it on as many machines as you own.

Main features:

  • VST2/VST3 Plugin support for both Instruments and Effects with an option to enable/disable, set as Top, and rename plugins. Plus Multi Folder scanning support;
  • ASIO, DirectX, and Windows Audio Low Latency Support;
  • MIDI Input to plugin Instruments;
  • Multi Track MIDI Recording;
  • Sample-based MIDI events - instead of PPQ you have sample-accurate events;
  • Tracks can hold any type of data (mixed), such as notes for MIDI and plugin instruments and audio events;
  • Full Undo/Redo System;
  • Full multi-core audio real-time code;
  • Playback/Record Metronome with custom sounds support;
  • Multi Bus Support with Multi Sends. Each track can output to Master or a Bus and features sends to any bus or side-chain;
  • And more features under the hood and new ones to be announced as I code.

Upcoming Features (in order of most importance):

  • Notes/Events Probability;
  • Audio Graphical Visualizer (you can show on another monitor if you want);
  • Master Compressor/Limiter and EQ;
  • Segmented Audio Graphical Visualizer per track, shown in the tracks list, so you can check with tracks are clashing the same frequencies and adjust as required;
  • WAV/FLAC Audio Importing to Clips that will play and allow editions including recording of audio to a track;
  • Option to allow MIDI and Audio Clips to have a "tail" outside the clip size. Meaning that the clip could be 1 measure long but actually play more, outside its size;
  • Project/Song Sections: each section has its own list of tracks that are shown in the interface. This way, section A (Intro) could have 4 tracks shown that only playes in this section, while section B could have different tracks shown. At any time you can list all tracks or have tracks shown by sections in the sequencer time line.

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