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Wusik Station STX

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For a limited time, get Wusik Station X for FREE (offer ends on May 14)

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Wusik Station STX is a Keyboard and Mouse DAW, not a Mouse and Keyboard DAW

Windows PC 64 bits Application. OpenGL Compatible GPU. Compatible plugin formats: VST2 and VST3.

Requires a multi-core CPU, and an average GPU. Is best used with a full-sized keyboard (with the Numpad). On my tests, I'm running it with an NVidia 1030 GPU and with great results.

Download Complete Demonstration Version

Top Features:

  • 30/60/120 FPS OpenGL-Based UI for fast VUs and Waveform Display;
  • Live Mode that bypasses plugins with latency > 0, for live recording of plugin instruments;
  • Clips can feature Audio or MIDI (Plugin Instrument Notes);
  • Audio File Importing and Looping (including Acid WAV Support). Files supported: WAV, FLAC, MP3 and OGG;
  • Set tracks to always stay at the top of the list;
  • Customizable Shortcuts;
  • Plugins can be inserted into a track directly by a keyboard shortcut or MIDI Note/CC#;
  • Non-Static screen with options such as Glitch and Flicker (can be toggled on/off);
  • Per Track (and a Global one) Measure VU Meter rendered at 30/60/120 FPS (also acts as a volume slider when you move the mouse over it);
  • Master Waveform Oscilloscope rendered at 30/60/120 FPS;
  • Probability Settings per Note and Events;
  • Audio Graphical Visualizer (you can show it on another monitor if you want);
  • Batch Tool that creates screenshots of all available plugins. Those can be used to show the selected plugin UI before inserting it into a track;
  • Inline Help System with a separate screen that features all major key shortcuts and an inline tutorial;
  • Vertical Mixer with the option to always show busses in the track listing and also to pin busses to the bottom;
  • Multi-Monitor Handling with extra Virtual Desktops;
  • Waveform/Thumbnail display on Plugin Instruments Clips (not just audio clips);
  • Per Track/Bus Frequency Visualizer with the option to stack multiple tracks using different colors;
  • Per Track/Bus Filters (High/Low Pass) and EQs;
  • Plugin Instruments Multi Output shows in the same track mixer, with the option to select which set of outputs to edit. When changing the output the list of effects and sends for the track will reflect that;
  • Internal Effects: Brick Limiter, Lookahead Limiter, Reverb and Ducker (with lookahead and sidechain);
  • No DRM (Copy Protection) so you can install it on as many machines as you own;
  • Comes with a collection of looped Acid WAV Files by & - A total of 628 Loops / 1 Gig Uncompressed + Extra 384 / 400 Meg Demonstration Files (all files can be used without limitations and are copyright free). Those are only included in the full files, not the demonstration.

Main features:

  • VST2/VST3 Plugin support for both Instruments and Effects with an option to enable/disable, set as Top, and rename plugins. Plus Multi Folder scanning support;
  • ASIO, DirectX, and Windows Audio Low Latency Support;
  • MIDI Input to plugin Instruments;
  • Multi Track MIDI Recording;
  • Sample-based MIDI events - instead of PPQ you have sample-accurate events;
  • Tracks can hold any type of data (mixed), such as notes for MIDI and plugin instruments and audio events;
  • Undo/Redo System;
  • Multi-core audio real-time code;
  • Playback/Record Metronome with custom sounds support;
  • Multi Bus Support with Multi Sends. Each track can output to Master or a Bus and features sends to any bus or side-chain;
  • And more features under the hood and new ones to be announced as I code.

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