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Wusik Station Z PreOrder

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Windows PC 64 bits native formats: Stand Alone App, VST2 and VST3
MacOS Intel and Apple Silicon (M1/M2) 64 Bits VST2, VST3 and AU

Edit: renaming it to Wusik Station Z1, instead, to avoid any war references. Save Ukraine!

Announcing Wusik Station Z1. An Hybrid Wave Sequencing and Rompler Plugin Synthesize, based on the Wave Station X, but done with NEW code, a new high-resolution 4K 3D interface (can scale down to any resolution without image loss), new and legacy sounds, and a totally new preset database system.

Download HighRes Screenshots

4 Sample Playback / Wave Sequencing Layers:

  • MIDI Channel, Voices, Volume, Pan, Tune, Fine, Key-Zone, Velocity-Zone. Pitch Bend.
  • 5x ADSR Env: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Velocity.
  • 2 MOD (Amount + Target), 2 Filter (Amount + Filter Target - both BOTH option), 1 AMP.
  • 2x Filter: On/Off, Serial/Parallel Option, Type, 24/48db, Cut-Freq, Rezonance, Smooth.
  • Multi-Zone Sample Player: Start-Point, Reverse, Multi Mode (how many extra notes. Semi and fine for each).
  • Wave Sequencer: On/Off. 128 Steps. Speed in X/X. Looped, loop start. Mode: Forward, Reverse, Ping-Pong, Random.
  • Each Step: sound, xfade, volume, pan, fine, tune, reverse, sample-start, filter frequency, sfx 1~3.

Global Layer:

  • Master Tune A, Semi, Fine, Volume, Pan, MIDI Channel.
  • 8x LFOs: Sync, Speed, Waveform, Target, Amount.
  • 4x MIDI MODs: Source, Destination, Amount.
  • 3x Effects: Doble Chorus, Stereo Delay, Convolution Reverb.

What's Wusik Station Z1?

I wanted to go back a bit, and create an easier-to-use, but still powerful enough, new synth. Featuring sample playback and wave sequencing plus great effects.

Wusik Station X (V10) is great, a massive synth with tons of options. But sometimes I want something lighter where I can load my own samples and play those back. Add some wavesequencing and effects and it's all done. The way I want.

The Engine is new, done from the ground up, for full Windows and MAC support. Since Wusik Station V8 I was using the Wusik 4000/8000 engine, which is great but very complex. And it's something I couldn't port to macOS, sadly. So, by doing a new engine, I can be totally sure that it's going to be cross-platform.

And it's not just a new audio code, but also a new UI/GUI/Interface code. With 4K graphics in mind, even with 8K support (not full screen). The new interface code works with 3D rendered images at nearly 5K full screen resolution. Once you resize to your monitor resolution it will created cached files for each component, so the interface is drawn using the current resolution cached files instead. Also, when opening the interface, it will load those saved cached files, taking only a second to load the entire interface (at least on my computer).

The whole interface consists of 2 pages: Layer ABCD, and Global. In the latter you can find LFOs and MIDI Modulations that can be assigned to any layer.

As for the audio engine, I'm creating everything from nearly zero, to get the best audio but also keep things high-quality. Adding WusikSND, WusikSound, dashSND, WAV, AIFF, OGG, MP3, and SFZ support (and some other types too). We also have the regular LFO, Modulations, Envelopes, and Dual Filters.

In the effects section we have the Convolution Reverb using the code from Wusik XV. With a great inpulses library.

The best part is the new Preset Library, something new that I waven't done in any other product. You can search for preset name/details but also select categories/sets to filter the list. This will be great when browsing the new large library of preset and also legacy samples.

My plan is to get new sounds but also to port older sounds and create new presets. Making a new Z1 set of Sounds and Presets.

Check out the current interface screenshots, which I'm already coding, and participate on the PreOrder. This helps me out so I can continue working on this (it will take some months to be done) and also invest on new sound-sets.

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