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Wusik XV

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Windows PC 64 bits native formats: Stand Alone App, VST2 and VST3.

Wusik XV is a Multi Convolution Reverb with 4 Vectors Mixing.

We have 6 reverb units: PRE is the first one to be processed, and the output will be used to process A, B, C and D. POST, when selected, will process the MIX of A, B, C and D. So the chain looks like this: PRE -> (A+B+C+D) -> POST.

In the Main section, you have the audio input volume, mix (dry/wet) and HighPass and LowPass filters.

V1.0.6 has added Multi-CPU support, custom impulse files loading (with a great library of impulse files included) and better optimization.

Each reverb unit has the following parameters:

  • Reverb convolution type with a next/previous set of buttons above it;
  • Solo reverb;
  • Reverse reverb;
  • Input (at the mid position you get the original volume, anything higher than that will boost up to 2x the audio input);
  • Stereo Pan;
  • High Pass and Low Pass Filters;
  • Pre-delay (up to 2 seconds);
  • Len (full left is original length, and moving towards right you can change the convolution audio and stretch up to 6x);
  • Crop (removes a portion of the convolution audio, starting from the end);
  • Decay (from full right to middle you get an envelope from the end (zero) to start (full audio - towards left will make an envelope from start to end instead).

In the Mixer section, you have the option to mix the ABCD reverbs as vectors. There are also two triangle LFOs, one for X and one for Y.

Included is a total of 125 Impulse Responses of several types of gears, including natural sounds (since V1.0.4 you can load custom files and a complete library of impulse files is included).

The whole process is done with zero latency and low CPU and Memory usage. The last screenshot shows the CPU usage of 5 reverbs running with real-time modulation.

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