Announcing Wusik Station V10

EDIT: due to the pandemic this project is very late. No ETA for now, sorry.

Wusik Station V9 was released officially on 20 of March 2018 - but BETA versions were out much sooner than that. So now is time to think about what I could improve for the next version. I'm still going to work first on Wusik X42, and several aspects of that code will be reused for this project too. Just keep in mind that Wusik X42 is a much smaller project, so it will happen fast and Wusik Station V10 earlier betas should be out very soon.

The idea for Wusik Station V10 is to keep the Audio Engine pretty much unchanged, but rather improve the Interface. Not that there will not be changes to the Audio Engine, but it is not the focus for this version. Why? Well, what I plan on doing is create a totally new resizable and modular interface. Not like Wusik 8008, but with more options of types of layers that you can add.


List Of Changes / New Features (still been revised)

  • New Sizable Interface. This alone is a heck ton of work, especially if you read further.

  • New Layer Types, for more direct-to-what-you-want approach. EG: this will allow you to select Granular Layer and have better parameters for a much better workflow. Instead of having a single Sample Player layer type, you will have different layer types for different things: Single File Sample Playback, Granular Synthesis, Wavetable Synthesis, Dual Sample Playback, Advanced Sample Playback, ... (if you have another idea(s), please, let me know).

  • Combined Layer Types. EG: Insert Sample Player With Filter Modulation. Will insert a Sample Player and also a Filter (which you can change the type) with an Envelope setting already assigned and ready to be used. A small screenshot will show what the layer combination will add and any extra information about it. This is great when starting a new preset and with an idea in mind.

  • Layers will show in a continuous scroll, instead of pages. Also, modulations will also show on the same page. You will be able to click buttons on the top to directly go to areas, or just scroll down-up.

  • Better modulation display. Parameters that are modulated will show what's happening right on the knob. You will also be able to select parameters as input and output for a new modulation connection, including drag-and-drop from one output to some parameter input. You still have the modulation-matrix, so you can see the list of parameters. I won't use "wires" like Wusik 8008, as this is not fully a modular synth.
  • More optimizations to the code using SSE2 where possible. In the last updated for Wusik Station V9 I already set new optimizations in the Sample Player Interpolation. More can be done in other areas too, to lower CPU usage when possible.

  • Option to Hide/Show parameters and even rename (Wusik 8008 already features that).

  • More modulation options (took from Wusik 8008).

As with all previous Wusik Station versions, I will run a PreOrder until the product is officially released. You can expect a BETA version very soon, as always. If you are new here, know that I have been working like this for over a decade. I will also ask for users on ideas and won't say no to any help offered. Especially in the GUI Interface and Skinning, which will be very different for this version (read more above).

About Wusik is a project developed by William Kalfelz. Check his other projects below.