Big Green CRT (Registration)


Big Green CRT (Registration) bigGCRT
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Big Green CRT (Windows 64 Bits Only)

This is a small project that handles Launch Box ( games in a different way. Check the video below for details.

If you want the FREE version, follow HERE

The app above is full and unlimited, no restrictions, only a small warning message about registration when you start up the app. You can bypass this by hitting enter every time. By paying for the registration you will receive a file that will register the app and remove the warning.

Update: new with Zoom In & Out Option (Z Key). See last screenshot.

On the video below I had to start the program twice, so the video capture app would get the initial intro. I will do another video soon.

PS:I just created a group for the BIG Green CRT App (retro games). Where you can leave suggestions and related stuff.

Big Green CRT (Registration)
Big Green CRT (Registration)
Big Green CRT (Registration)
Big Green CRT (Registration)

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