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Wusik DRS0 WDRS0
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Thi product is based on Wusik DRS1. The main differences are fewer tracks (4 compared to 8), fewer patterns (4 compared to 64), and fewer variations (2 compared to 4). Also, this version doesn't have a full-screen option, only one stereo output (compared to 8 outputs), and MIDI Channel is fixed to CH 10. You can also watch the Wusik DRS1 videos as both products share the same interface and options.

Windows PC 64 bits native formats: Stand Alone App, VST2 and VST3.

  • 4 Tracks + 1 Accent Track;
  • 32 steps + double steps for a total of 128 steps (using the AB variations);
  • 4 patterns with N loop and Next Pattern option (plus a go-to-previous-pattern option);
  • A B Variations;
  • Mirror Editing - allows both A B variations to be edited once;
  • Each track can load multiple audio sounds (wav, flac, ogg, mp3, WusikSound) with speed (pitch) and reverse option. Plus volume, pan, attack and decay;
  • Sounds can be triggered together or in Round Robin (circular) or Random (with a special code that doesn't play the same sound in a row);
  • When loading multiple sounds, you can adjust individually the Volume and Pan of each sound, plus Velocity Low and High;
  • MIDI Output selection per track (if your host/daw supports it) with note selection (Channel 10 only);
  • Includes a great selection of sound files (be sure to download the 400 meg selection here);
  • Clock Matrix allows swing to be added to the sequencer clock;
  • Multiple Sync options and Remote Pattern Selections;
  • Resizeable interface;
  • Advanced multi-sound playback options.
Wusik DRS0
Wusik DRS0
Wusik DRS0
Wusik DRS0
Wusik DRS0

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