Wusik MEL


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Windows PC 64 bits native formats: Stand Alone App, VST2 and VST3.

Wusik MEL is a Mellody/Chord/MIDI Tool. All in one. You can add sections and each section can perform something: play a chord (with strum options), play a chord melody on the white keys, transpose/octave up/down the output keys, change MIDI channel or just go back to regular playing.

IMPORTANT: The plugin version will only work if your host allows MIDI Inputs/Outputs to be routed. Some hosts that ARE compatible: Studio One, FL Studio, Cubase, Ableton. And some that are NOT compatible: Maschine and Reason.

Download Demonstration

  • An unlimited number of custom sections can be added;
  • Resizeable interface;
  • Chord chart with preview and merge options;
  • Strum option for Chords with Time (BPM Sync or regular), 4 Modes: Forward, Backward, PingPong and Random, Number of Octaves (just like an ARP), Speed up/down as it plays the keys, Velocity up/down as it plays the keys, Random velocity, Sync BPM from the host or use internal user set BPM;
  • Full inline help with details on how to set up things;
  • Mellody and Live sections have the option to set where regular or melody keys will play;
  • Set Chord keys manually by clicking in the GUI Keyboard, learn from an external MIDI keyboard or use the Chord Chart.

Wusik MEL
Wusik MEL
Wusik MEL
Wusik MEL
Wusik MEL
Wusik MEL
Wusik MEL

About Wusik

Wusik.com is a project developed by William Kalfelz. Check his other projects below.