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         I am thrilled to unveil my latest creation, Wusik Station Ad Infinitum (from the Latin: forever), a groundbreaking evolution in the world of virtual synthesis and effects. With Wusik Station AD (for short), I've merged the best of my esteemed Wusik Station series and incorporated cutting-edge ideas to bring you an all-encompassing instrument and effects solution. Every single product has been merged into two plugins, one instrument, and one effect.

         Imagine a single, versatile plugin that combines the exceptional features of Wusik Station X with the innovative concepts of Wusik Station Z. I have taken your favorite elements, enhanced them, and added brand-new innovations to deliver an instrument that exceeds all expectations. From sample playback and wave sequencing to the power of VA Synthesis, Wusik Station AD has it all.

         Delve into a world of limitless possibilities as you explore the vast range of sounds and effects within Wusik Station AD. Craft rich, complex textures with my extensive sample library and unlock the potential of wave sequencing to create dynamic and evolving sonic landscapes. Harness the raw power of VA Synthesis and Effects to shape your sounds with precision, and embellish them with a host of new effects, carefully crafted to elevate your compositions to new heights.

         Whether you're a seasoned producer, sound designer, or composer, Wusik Station AD empowers you to bring your creative visions to life. Craft mesmerizing soundscapes, ignite inspiration with endless sound manipulation possibilities, and elevate your music production to unprecedented levels.


         Join me on this exciting journey as I introduce Wusik Station AD to the world of music production. Stay tuned for more updates, demos, and sneak peeks of this revolutionary plugin. Experience the future of synthesis and effects.

Scroll down to check Screenshots and a complete FAQ list.

         Right now I'm still working on the product and the ETA is around January 2024 for a better working version with BETA versions much sooner. The complete product should be ready in the next 12 months, more or less. Please, PreOrder or become a Patreon to help this project out. You will get a free copy of Wusik Station X along to start playing, and Wusik Station AD once the first BETA is released.

Welcome to the limitless universe of sound

Wusik Station Forever

In the screenshots below, you can see one layer type: Sample Player + Wave Sequencer. The next image shows the Multi Preset browser on the right. The final images are for the Initial Screen, where you select to Browse Presets or to start with a blank Init preset of your choice. You can also select from the options menu to have any preset of your choice to open by default, instead of the initial screen.

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