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         Edit: version 1.0.0 is already out!

         I am thrilled to unveil my latest creation, Wusik Station AD Infinitum (from the Latin: forever), a groundbreaking evolution in the world of virtual synthesis and effects. With Wusik Station AD (for short), I've merged the best of my esteemed Wusik Station series and incorporated cutting-edge ideas to bring you an all-encompassing instrument and effects solution. Every single product has been merged into two plugins, one instrument, and one effect.

         The current Version 1.0.0 already has Wave Sequencing, Wavetable, Sample Playback, and more. With more features being added during 2024.

         Imagine a single, versatile plugin that combines the exceptional features of Wusik Station X with the innovative concepts of Wusik Station Z. I have taken your favorite elements, enhanced them, and added brand-new innovations to deliver an instrument that exceeds all expectations. From sample playback and wave sequencing to the power of VA Synthesis, Wusik Station AD has it all.

         Delve into a world of limitless possibilities as you explore the vast range of sounds and effects within Wusik Station AD. Craft rich, complex textures with my extensive sample library and unlock the potential of wave sequencing to create dynamic and evolving sonic landscapes. Harness the raw power of VA Synthesis and Effects to shape your sounds with precision, and embellish them with a host of new effects, carefully crafted to elevate your compositions to new heights.

         Whether you're a seasoned producer, sound designer, or composer, Wusik Station AD empowers you to bring your creative visions to life. Craft mesmerizing soundscapes, ignite inspiration with endless sound manipulation possibilities, and elevate your music production to unprecedented levels.


         Join me on this exciting journey as I introduce Wusik Station AD to the world of music production. Stay tuned for more updates, demos, and sneak peeks of this revolutionary plugin. Experience the future of synthesis and effects.

Scroll down to check Screenshots and a complete FAQ list.

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Welcome to the limitless universe of sound


Wusik Station Forever


Wusik Station AD

  • How far is the coding?
    Version 1.0.0 is already out, with Wave Sequencing, Wavetable, several effects, Sample Playback and more. With more features being added during 2024.
  • Will every single product be incorporated into Wusik Station AD?
    Yes, the idea is to do just that. It will take some time, but every instrument, effect and midi processor should be incorporated. Two versions will be provided, one that you can use as an Instrument and another one that you can use as an Effect.
  • What types of layers can I expect in Wusik Station AD?
    Here's the list of layers that I will be working on (subjected to changes). For the instrument version: 2x OSC JX1 VA 3x OSC VA 3x Sample Player FM1 Synth Samp Player + Wave Seq Acid WAV Looper Audio Looper Drawable OSC Super OSX Drum Sequencer Modular Synth Retro 8 Bit Synth MIDI Processor MIDI Tracker Sample Recorder Plugin Chainer For the effects version: Audio Connect Plugin FX Chainer Basic Reverb Stereo Delay Double Chorus Master Limiter Master Bus XV Multi Reverb VA Compressor VA Exciter VA Tape VA EQ 3 VA EQ 6 VA Distortion
  • Will all those features bloat the product (reduce performance)?
    Not at all. You have to understand that if something is not been used, it doesn't consume any resources. Everything is done with Dynamic Code.
  • What are the key features of Wusik Station AD?
    Being able to mix multiple types of layers, each with different synthesis types. Such as Sample Playback, VA OSCs, Wave Sequencing, and even other Plugins. All that in conjunction with multiple types of effects.
  • How does Wusik Station AD differ from previous versions of Wusik Station?
    New interface with more layer types and even more effects. All that done from the ground-up using new code.
  • What are the specs for running Wusik Station AD?
    VST2/VST3/AU and Stand Alone versions work on 64 Bit Windows and MAC computers. MAC compatible with Intel and Apple Silicon (M chips).
  • What types of synthesis methods are available in Wusik Station AD?
    Multiple types: Sample Playback, Wave Sequencing, Wavetable, VA OSCs, and FM.
  • Can I import my own samples into Wusik Station AD?
    Yes you can, with multiple formats support: WAV, AIFF, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WusikSound, WusikSND, dashSND, and SFZ.
  • Can I use Wusik Station AD in my preferred digital audio workstation (DAW)?
    Yes you can, as long as the DAW is current and has not been abandoned, I can add support for it.
  • Does this mean that there will be only one product line from now on?
    Yes. Wusik Station AD will incorporate all existing product lines, making them easier to use and maintain.
  • I have PreOrdered Wusik SFX, will I get Wusik Station AD instead for free?
    Yes you will. And it will work just like Wusik SFX would. You get a plugin effect where you can chain all the new effects that I'm working on.
  • What happens when I first add Wusik Station AD (instrument version) to a project?
    It will open the interface and ask you what you want to do: Browser Presets or select a Layer Type to start with a blank Init preset. You can also select from Favourites presets. This is optional and the default behaviour. You can click on Options and select a preset to be loaded instead, when you add a new instance of Wusik Station AD.
  • What kind of sounds does Wusik Station AD come with?
    Initially we have the 16 Gig Sound Collection that comes with Wusik Station V8/V9/X but I will be expanding this library with new sounds during the next 12 months.
  • Will Wusik Station AD have the same Preset Library as advertised for Wusik Station Z1?
    Yes, it's the same library, much easier to browse and select presets.
  • Is Wusik Station AD just Wusik Station Z1?
    No, I'm only reusing the interface and preset library code as they work and look great. But Wusik Station AD will be a completly different best, apart from the new layer type that I'm porting from Wusik Station Z1: Sample Player + Wave Sequencer.
  • Can I resize the interface? Does it support 4K?
    Yes and Yes. The interface have a clever code that resamples 4K images down to low as 480p while still looking sharp, and can also upsample to higher resolutions beyound 4k.
  • Will the entire product have the same interface look?
    Yes, the look you see on the screenshots is the same one that will be used across the product. So everything will match and look great, with a resizeable interface to match.
  • I can't help but think of another Wave Synth that had AD in the name. Was this what you wanted to do?
    No, initially the product was going to be named Wusik Infinity. But since there are several other products with that name I though on using Ad Infinitum, from the Latin of Forever/Infinity. The other Wave Synth from the 80's is actually A/D as in Analog to Digital, as you could run any external audio into the Synth and have it be processed by its internal effects. I'm using Wusik Station AD for short, it's still Ad Infinitum.
  • Can I get a copy of Wusik Station X to start playing before Wusik Station AD BETAs are out?
    Yes, I will include a free copy of Wusik Station X with any Wusik Station AD PreOrder.
  • What happened to Wusik OnWire? The online hardware rendering thing.
    It will be merged into the Wusik Station AD effects lineup. It will start as a free utility but may get a pay version later on, we will see. But it's not scratched, as I really like the idea of rendering sounds using analog devices such as Spring Reverbs, Distortion Units, FM Transmiters and so on.
  • Can I use Wusik Station AD as a standalone application, or is it only available as a plugin?
    Yes you can. It comes as a Standalone application and plugin formats: VST2/VST3/AU.
  • Are there any specific routing or modulation options available within Wusik Station AD?
    Yes there are. Each layer type has its own list of possible modulations. Mostly you will see Modulation Envelopes, LFOs, and MIDI.
  • Can I save and recall my own presets and settings in Wusik Station AD?
    Yes you can.
  • Is there a built-in arpeggiator or sequencer in Wusik Station AD?
    Yes, there are both options.
  • Can Wusik Station AD integrate with external MIDI controllers for real-time parameter control?
    Yes. Most parameters on screen you can right click and select MIDI Learn.
  • Does Wusik Station AD support surround sound or multi-channel output?
    There is a Multi-Out version that you can use. Each layer can be assigned to a different output.
  • Can I use third-party plugins or effects within Wusik Station AD?
    Yes you can. Plugins in VST2/VST3/AU formats. I can't guarante that every single plugin will work, but I will try my best.
  • Can I automate parameters within Wusik Station AD using my DAW's automation system?
    Yes you can. Most parameters are compatible with DAW automation and MIDI learn.
  • How do you pronounce the product's name?
    When saying the shorter version, is like Wusik Station A D (the letters). When saying the full name, is Wusik Station and in latium Ad Infinitum. And Wusik is just like Music, but with W at the front.
  • What are your plans for the Modular Synth layer?
    The idea is to make a new modular synth code with a better interface, more in line with current Modular Systems.
  • How will you handle the 8-bit synth interface?
    Most likely it will still be a CRT based system, with the monitor embedded into the current interface. But that might change.
  • What happened to the Advanced and Normal versions?
    There's only the Advanced version now. The Normal version didn't get any attention so why bother.
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