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Just that time, again, when I "beg" for money. Well, I'm working hard, and getting somewhere. Considering my mental issues I would say that I'm doing GREAT. 😉 ❤ Still, I need to eat and pay for things. So any help is much appreciated. Right now I'm working on Wusik Station AD, which is my BIGGEST project EVER. As I'm doing from ZERO. Not just copying and pasting code. So it's a heck lot of work. But at least I will no longer rely on code from 10 years ago, or something close to that. And the result will be the best synth/effect product I have ever done. I already got the interface done so you can check the videos on the site and youtube channel.

Edit: reposting this as so far I got nearly no support. Please, considerer supporting my work if  you can. Currently I'm doing the very first Layer for Wusik Station AD. It's a new type of layer where you get 8 x 8 sound pads. Each pad can play one sound and can be triggered by MIDI or by clicking on the pad. This is a great way for me to test the sound browser and sound loading codes, which will be shared accross the whole plugin, where sounds needs to be loaded. This is almost ready, will be doing a video about it next week.

Here, send me a Coffee and help me out. 🙂 ❤

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