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All my music since 1994 (some even before that) until earlier 2021, in MP3 format. Below is the complete list. It even includes a preview of my latest uncompleted project. ;-)

Files are compressed into 6 RAR files (250 meg each). Use www.RARSoft.com WinRar to extract (or 7Zip).

1994 First (14 Songs)
2009 Dark Ages (9 Songs)
2010 Universe I (7 Songs)
2011 Universe II (7 Songs)
2012 Worlds (20 Songs)
2014 Solitude (8 Songs)
2016 Dark Voyager (19 Songs)
2018 Y2K18 (6 Songs)
2020 Disco Lounge (7 Songs)
2021 Music Is Relative (8 Songs)
Other Songs (70 Songs)
Total Of 175 Songs
1994 First\01 Le Tron I.mp3
1994 First\02 Le Tron II.mp3
1994 First\03 Methodic.mp3
1994 First\04 Faces.mp3
1994 First\05 C Y T.mp3
1994 First\06 Gates of My Land.mp3
1994 First\07 Mynd.mp3
1994 First\08 Some Droids.mp3
1994 First\09 Times.mp3
1994 First\10 Da'Thief.mp3
1994 First\11 Quebecks - Peter Don.mp3
1994 First\12 Vertex.mp3
1994 First\13 UnNamed.mp3
1994 First\14 Voices In The Summer.mp3
2009 Dark Ages\A New Dimension.mp3
2009 Dark Ages\Holding Time.mp3
2009 Dark Ages\Jungle Rain.mp3
2009 Dark Ages\Memento.mp3
2009 Dark Ages\Nova Era.mp3
2009 Dark Ages\The City.mp3
2009 Dark Ages\The Field.mp3
2009 Dark Ages\The Start.mp3
2009 Dark Ages\Warfare.mp3
2010 Universe I\Abandoned Area.mp3
2010 Universe I\Desert Space.mp3
2010 Universe I\Galaxy One.mp3
2010 Universe I\Launch Off.mp3
2010 Universe I\Planet X.mp3
2010 Universe I\Shadows.mp3
2010 Universe I\Space One.mp3
2011 Universe II\Critical Error.mp3
2011 Universe II\Future Completed.mp3
2011 Universe II\Minimalist Mind.mp3
2011 Universe II\Slow Venus.mp3
2011 Universe II\Temporary Train.mp3
2011 Universe II\Transport Five.mp3
2011 Universe II\WS One.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-01 World Resonance.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-02 All Systems.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-03 Flip The Switch.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-04 Music Saves The World.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-05 Hard Ages.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-06 Tronnika.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-07 Jupiter RV.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-08 Elektroyd.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-09 Commercials.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-10 Low n High.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-11 New Foundations Part 1.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-12 New Foundations Part 2.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-13 New Meditation Part 1.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-14 New Meditation Part 2.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-15 New Meditation Part 3.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-16 Orient SY Part 1.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-17 Orient SY Part 2.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-18 Lunar Oriental.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-19 Easy Ocean.mp3
2012 Worlds\1-20 My Light Side.mp3
2014 Solitude\01 O Tempo.mp3
2014 Solitude\02 A Carta.mp3
2014 Solitude\03 Serena Floresta.mp3
2014 Solitude\04 Caverna M gica.mp3
2014 Solitude\05 Mar Calmo.mp3
2014 Solitude\06 Evangelho.mp3
2014 Solitude\07 Sonho Novo.mp3
2014 Solitude\08 Esplendor.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\2015 Is Here.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\Astral Projection.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\Chaos.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\Deep Space.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\Deep Trance.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\Dont want to wake up.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\Electric Tantra.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\Expanding.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\Final Hour.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\Human Evolution.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\just relax.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\Karma.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\Max Min Over.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\Over_and_Over.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\Power Revolution.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\Slow Down.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\system break.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\The Ilusion.mp3
2016 Dark Voyager\We Will Be Together.mp3
2018 Y2K18\01 Starting Up.mp3
2018 Y2K18\02 Das Techno.mp3
2018 Y2K18\03 Out Loud.mp3
2018 Y2K18\04 Hollow.mp3
2018 Y2K18\05 Forward.mp3
2018 Y2K18\Where I Am.mp3
2020 Disco Lounge\Floating.mp3
2020 Disco Lounge\Last Days.mp3
2020 Disco Lounge\Music Sequencing.mp3
2020 Disco Lounge\Razzor2.mp3
2020 Disco Lounge\Slow Down.mp3
2020 Disco Lounge\Where I Am 4.mp3
2020 Disco Lounge\XYZ 99.mp3
2021 Music Is Relative\Cronik.mp3
2021 Music Is Relative\DeadFuture.mp3
2021 Music Is Relative\ElectroNation.mp3
2021 Music Is Relative\Music Is Our Master.mp3
2021 Music Is Relative\My Time On Earth.mp3
2021 Music Is Relative\Time Is Relative.mp3
2021 Music Is Relative\Time Is Running Out.mp3
2021 Music Is Relative\Time To Chill.mp3
Other Songs\Actions.mp3
Other Songs\BLAZE.mp3
Other Songs\CapRemix.mp3
Other Songs\Cyber9.mp3
Other Songs\Dreaming.MP3
Other Songs\Drums and Axes.mp3
Other Songs\Electric Fast Jungle.mp3
Other Songs\Electro One.mp3
Other Songs\Element 1.mp3
Other Songs\EletrifyUrS.mp3
Other Songs\F Shit.mp3
Other Songs\FireOnTheHole.mp3
Other Songs\FISURATE.mp3
Other Songs\FKHole.mp3
Other Songs\FSHIT.MP3
Other Songs\Gathering Profiles.mp3
Other Songs\GothanCity.mp3
Other Songs\Gotic Exotic.mp3
Other Songs\GUESSWHO.MP3
Other Songs\Into Da Hit.mp3
Other Songs\IT-HURTS.MP3
Other Songs\Jungle Feever.mp3
Other Songs\Kill-U-Desires.mp3
Other Songs\Killing James.mp3
Other Songs\klops.mp3
Other Songs\KYKS.MP3
Other Songs\LAZER-BEAT.MP3
Other Songs\Live - Unison Warps.mp3
Other Songs\Live-DownBoy.mp3
Other Songs\Live2 - Circus.mp3
Other Songs\Live3-Spok.mp3
Other Songs\Live_ExperienceIntro.mp3
Other Songs\Martians.mp3
Other Songs\New Skool.mp3
Other Songs\Oha.mp3
Other Songs\Other NewAge
Other Songs\Oxzone.mp3
Other Songs\Perfect5Warps.mp3
Other Songs\PorsheTune.mp3
Other Songs\Project Mars.mp3
Other Songs\Project VR5.mp3
Other Songs\Prophanity.mp3
Other Songs\raPhit.mp3
Other Songs\Ravelution.mp3
Other Songs\Return of the Maniac.mp3
Other Songs\Rezonance.mp3
Other Songs\Robot Dance.mp3
Other Songs\Say Shit Original.mp3
Other Songs\Spiritual Techno.mp3
Other Songs\StartFull.mp3
Other Songs\Take Control.mp3
Other Songs\TechnoFusion.mp3
Other Songs\The Element I.mp3
Other Songs\The Element II.mp3
Other Songs\Unnamed 1.mp3
Other Songs\Unnamed 2.mp3
Other Songs\Velocity.mp3
Other Songs\VertNikFour.mp3
Other Songs\XyX-Memoids.mp3
Other Songs\Other NewAge\BackInTime.mp3
Other Songs\Other NewAge\Entering Out.mp3
Other Songs\Other NewAge\fusion.mp3
Other Songs\Other NewAge\HOT-STUF.MP3
Other Songs\Other NewAge\qVertnikMinds.mp3
Other Songs\Other NewAge\spyk.mp3
Other Songs\Other NewAge\TangerineDream-Tribute.mp3
Other Songs\Other NewAge\TARKEX.MP3
Other Songs\Other NewAge\TheNewAgePart.mp3
Other Songs\Other NewAge\ThumbMuhab.mp3
Other Songs\Other NewAge\TOXFOXS.MP3
Other Songs\Other NewAge\VECTORS.MP3

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