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Wusik 8008

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Wusik 8008 Is a Complete Modular with Wavesequencing, Sample Playback, Custom Filters/Effects and more. It uses a simple audio signal path to avoid having multiple wires just to setup the audio output. By default it will always process generators and mix all voices into the output path. It comes with a wide selection of presets.

Download Complete Free Demonstration (no audio/time restrictions)

NEW: Anti Crash Protection (ACP), check the user's manual for details.

Windows PC 64 bits native formats: Stand Alone App, VST2 and VST3.

How it works: Is that just a regular Modular system? No, it is not. It has a fixed path of audio, but with a modular wire system for modulations. Audio and Events are dynamic routed in this way:

  • MIDI Modules will process and output Note Events and other MIDI data
  • Modulation Modules will process modulation information using the above data
  • Envelopes will be processed using voice-allocation information set by checking which AMP Envelope has free-voices. This voice information is sent to all POLY modules that are processed next
  • Now we process all Sound Generators.
  • Filters are the next stage, the Dry/Wet parameter let you adjust if the filter will process in series or in parallel mode.
  • Voices are mixed into a single stereo path.
  • Effects are processed.
  • SFX Send to Master is copied so when the Master Layer is processed, it will use this information for the Master Effects.

But if I want to use a Sound Generator, let´s say, a Sawtooth OSC, to modulate something but not output its audio? Simple, just set its Volume to zero, as it is not applied into the Module Modulation Output. You can still set the Amount of output you want from the Wire Input and Output, including Min and Max values.

Can I attach multiple cables/wires from one source to another? Yes, as many as you want.

Partial List of Features

  • Preset Categorized and with Author, Tags, Collection Name, Genre, Description and the possibility of searching for those options. Each preset is a XML file with the .w4kPreset file extension, and includes all information in a single file, so you can also move around files and organize in different folder structures. (Besides sample information which are stored in a different folder)
  • Nearly unlimited number of layers: each layer has its own settings: volume, pan, number of voices, effects, octave, fine, key-zones, velocity-zones, SFX Send to Master Layer, … just see the videos for extra details.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts with user selectable modifiers: Alt, Ctrl or Shift. By default we use the Alt+shortcut-key.
  • Layer Unison. (Modules must support this, but ours will always do)
  • Note-Stealing with the option of setting Stealing the Same Note to On/Off. This is handy for Piano sounds, where a new note should always reuse the previous voice when its the same note or a note that is already playing the envelope release stage.
  • Modules can have Custom Graphic areas, see the Oscilloscope, XY Pad, Multi Line Envelope/LFO and Sample Player.
  • Multi Wire/Cable Patch System. Allows to connect nearly any module (when available) to another module parameter. (Also, when available, some modules don´t allow that)
  • Resizeable Interface. You can set the size of the whole interface as needed and modules will auto arrange on the screen. Some areas of the UI are fixed, while others are dynamic.
  • Multi Skin support. Skins are just a bunch of PNG files with a XML file that stores information of how things should be set. So users could even mess around with those files and create sub-versions of skins or even new skins, if they got the skills for it.
  • Selectable DATA Folder. You can move the DATA files anywhere you want, and just place a link of this folder next to the actual plugin files.
  • Selectable Tool Tip Time.
  • Selectable Engine Idle Time.
  • Selectable Oversample option. (Shared by all instances of the plugin) From None to 16 Times Oversample. (optional down sample filter)
  • Selectable Wires Type and Transparency with a Keyboard Shortcut to Hide and Show quickly.
  • Modules can be minimized and hidden. They also have an extra menu for hidden options.
  • Modulation “holes”. Inputs have 3 options: Amount, Min and Max.
  • Layer hidden wire system for Pitch and Filter Envelope, and also Vibrato and Tremelo information. This can be used by Envelopes and Sound Generators. EG: Envelope is set fo Filter Envelope and in the Filter we have an Env option which will use this information without the need of wires attached. You can still use wires if you want, but this way you connect directly without cluttering the interface with tons of wires. (Specially handy when you have multiple filters using the same Envelope) The Tremolo and Vibrato are Modules that uses those hidden-wires to send information to Sound Generators, but they also have a Menu-Option (click on the Module options) to disable Vibrato and Tremolo if you want.
  • As right now, modules auto-arrange in 3 selectable ways: by type, using the full width of the interface. By type and size, but using only the width required to show all parameters. And finally, by size, using the same settings as the previous option. (You can see this on the videos below)
  • Master Limiter (can be disabled)
  • Modules Templates: you can save a module state. Eg: you create the perfect vibrato effect using the LFO module. Save as a template, and you can load the module with this settings with a single click into any preset/project file.
  • Sample Player with SFZ, WusikSND, WAV, AIFF and W4kSnd support. (The latter is a XML file format) Plus Round Robin, Key Switching and Wave Sequencing support. (via a MIDI module)
  • Matrix View.
  • Mixer View.
  • Extra Display Options.
  • Zoom In and Out.
  • Show Values under parameters.
  • Show Mini Oscilloscopes next to Module Mod-Source Outputs.
  • Option to Hide Parameters.
  • Audio Input and special modules that uses it, such as the Audio Looper.
  • Custom Modules parameters wrap-around option.
  • Custom Filter with user based TXT scripting language.

Added in the last version:

  • New Wave Sequencer Mode: Drums. 15 Tracks and 4 x 16 Steps Variations.
  • New Wave Sequencer Mode: Notes. For monophonic note sequencing, with 4 x 16 Steps Variations.
  • New Compressed sound format. The whole library was also compressed and takes less HD space now.
  • New Wave Sequencer Patterns option.
  • New Single-File Installer for Full Version and Updates.
  • New Sample Mapper Editor.
  • Added Copy and Paste to All Envelopes.
  • MIDI Output is now possible from both Drum and Keys Mode (Wave Sequencer).
  • Multi Preset system, allows you to chain multiple presets with full mult timbral capability.
  • SF2 (Soundfont II) sample support.

Current list of modules:

  • Effect\Oscilloscope
  • Effect\Oscilloscope Mini
  • Effect\Basic Reverb
  • Effect\Multi Filter
  • Effect\Basic Low Pass Filter
  • Effect\Double Chorus
  • Effect\Stereo Delay/Echo
  • Effect\Studio Reverb
  • Effect\VST Wrapper (you can use any VST as an Effect)
  • Envelope\Basic AR Envelope
  • Envelope\Multi Line Graphic Envelope
  • Envelope\ADSR Envelope
  • Midi\Sticky Keys
  • Midi\Key Switch
  • Midi\ARP Basic
  • Midi\ARP Sequencer
  • Midi\Organ Stops (drawbars emulator)
  • Midi\Wave Sequencer
  • Midi\Chord Maker
  • Midi\Beat Sequencer (drum machine)
  • Modulation\LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator)
  • Modulation\XY Pad
  • Modulation\Multi Line LFO
  • Modulation\Sequencer
  • Modulation\Gate
  • Modulation\Poly Mono
  • Modulation\Switch
  • Modulation\Combiner
  • Modulation\Logic
  • Modulation\Aftertouch
  • Filter\Multi Mode Poly
  • Filter\L24 Multi Filter Poly (goes from 10hz to 22000hz)
  • Filter\L24 Low Pass Filter Poly (different sound design)
  • Sound Generator\Basic OSC (Oscillator)
  • Sound Generator\Single OSC (Oscillator)
  • Sound Generator\Dual OSC (Oscillator)
  • Sound Generator\Combol OSC (Oscillator)
  • Sound Generator\Sample Player (reads SFZ, WusikSND, WAV, AIFF and W4kSnd Banks)
  • Sound Generator\White Noise
  • Sound Generator\Super OSC
  • Sound Generator\Audio Input
  • Sound Generator\Audio Looper
  • Filter\Custom Filter Poly (uses user-created txt scripting files)
  • MIDI\Wavesequencer (4 modes, including Drum Seq and Note Seq)
  • MIDI\Auto Note

Below is a partial list of included sounds, total of 15 Gig, single file download. Those are all included in the Demonstration version too.

  • Analog Night
  • Artvera New Age Collection
  • Drumillenium
  • Drum Collection 1
  • Ethermos Nocturnal
  • Famous Keys
  • HQ Guitar Sets
  • HQ Piano Sets
  • HQ Synthetica Complete 1
  • HQ Synthetica Complete 2
  • Hybrid World
  • Orchestral Lite
  • Physical Set
  • Retro DS
  • TheSoundBank Plus
  • The ElectroBank One
  • The Sound Bank
  • DO Xpress
  • Retro SEQ
  • Oversampled
  • Wusik Sound Magazine (several sound sets of different types)

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