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Wusik DLooper

$99.95 USD
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Product Details

Loop Time-Stretch Playback (with support for ACID WAV / Apple Loops).

Windows PC 64 bits native formats: Stand Alone App, VST2 and VST3.

A different type of looper supporting: WAV (Acid or not), AIF (Apple Loops), MP3, OGG and Flac files (with size limitations).

NEW: Anti Crash Protection (ACP), check the user's manual for details.

Key Features:

  • Amplitude Envelope, to be used by sections of the loop;
  • Dual Filter with ADS Envelope (Attack, Decay and Sustain) and options like Clip, Free mode and Curve Type;
  • Set Markers to divide sections of the loop to be played in a different way. Using the envelopes above;
  • Several Effects and the ability to host VST2/VST3 files (effects only, no bridging);
  • Program Saving with some basic included templates;
  • Multiple types of audio stretching, so your loop always stay in sync with your host tempo;
  • Multiple example loops with ACID information provided by
  • Slice Sequencing with a Random option per slice when adding more slices to the same sequence slot.
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