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Wusik DRS0

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Windows PC 64 bits native formats: Stand Alone App, VST2 and VST3.
  • 4 Tracks + 1 Accent Track;
  • 32 steps + double steps for a total of 128 steps (using the AB variations);
  • 4 patterns with N loop and Next Pattern option (plus a go-to-previous-pattern option);
  • A B Variations;
  • Mirror Editing - allows both A B variations to be edited once;
  • Each track can load multiple audio sounds (wav, flac, ogg, mp3, WusikSound) with speed (pitch) and reverse option. Plus volume, pan, attack and decay;
  • Sounds can be triggered together or in Round Robin (circular) or Random (with a special code that doesn't play the same sound in a row);
  • When loading multiple sounds, you can adjust individually the Volume and Pan of each sound, plus Velocity Low and High;
  • MIDI Output selection per track (if your host/daw supports it) with note selection (Channel 10 only);
  • Includes a great selection of sound files (be sure to download the 400 meg selection here);
  • Clock Matrix allows swing to be added to the sequencer clock;
  • Multiple Sync options and Remote Pattern Selections;
  • Resizeable interface;
  • Advanced multi-sound playback options.
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