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Wusik 2024 Bundle (Full Box)

$29.95 USD
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The Wusik 2024 Bundle Full Box (for new users)

22 Products 1 Low Price

Important requirements: Most products are Windows PC 64 bits native VST2/VST3 compatible.
Only 3 products are MAC compatible: Wusik Station AD (PreOrder), Wusik Station ST8, and Wusik Limiter (MacOS Intel and Apple Silicon (M1/M2) 64 Bits VST2, VST3 and AU)

  • Wusik Station AD PreOrder. The biggest project I have ever worked on.
  • Wusik Station X (The Flagship Product: Wavesequencing, VA Synth, Sampler and more);
  • 12 Months of Free New Releases/Major Updates on any Product;
  • Wusik 8008 (Modular Synth with plenty options such as Wavesequencing, Sampler, VA OSCs and more);
  • Wusik JX1 (New VA Synth);
  • Wusik Station ST8 (New Single Cycle Wavesequencing and Sampler Retro 8-Bits Synth);
  • Wusik Station STX (DAW);
  • Wusik EVE V5 (One Page 3 Layer Sampler);
  • Wusik DSR1 (Advanced Drum Sequencer);
  • Wusik One (Easy to use single page single layer sampler);
  • Wusik REC (Record and Play samples, plus audio looper);
  • Wusik Display (Show chords, lyrics, videos, images and more);
  • Wusik DLooper (Load and loop Acid/WAV files);
  • Wusik ZR (Wavesequencing Single Cycle Waveforms);
  • Wusik XV (Complex Convolution Reverb with 4 layer vector mixing);
  • Wusik PR82 (Performance Tool);
  • Wusik Audio Connect (Add extra audio interfaces to your DAW);
  • Wusik Limiter (Mastering Brick Limiter);
  • Wusik DLY (Especial Delay Plugins);
  • Wusik MIDI Tools;
  • Wusik MSTR (Mastering and EQing Plugin/App);
  • Wusik SP22 (small sample recorder and player);
  • Wusik P2000 (Multi Chainer and Bridge Plugin/App).
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