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Wusik TL1

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Product Details

Simple Plugin Database Launcher to work with Studio One V5 or any DAW that supports MIDI CC to Events such as opening a plugin. Requires a MIDI Loopback driver such as:

Windows PC 64 bits native formats: Stand Alone App, VST2 and VST3.

You can customize a few things, so be sure to check the Wusik TL1.txt file on what can be changed. Images that has no filename will use the default internal data. If you want to replace with your own images just add the image name there (EG: =My Background.png) and it will look in the same folder as the Wusik TL1.exe file. Or include the full path name (EG: c:\images\my images\background.jpg).

Some notes:

  • If you have multiple monitors, exit the fullscreen mode and move to the monitor you want to be fullscreen and set fullscreen again;
  • Data is saved when the database window is closed or every 4 seconds (if there were changes). So don't close the app before that. A message will display in the main smaller window telling that data wasn't saved yet;
  • The "hide" options are not really hiding the window. What it does is show the background image instead that I have on my computer, so it looks hidden. And the next mouse-click will show the interface again. You can change the background image in the Wusik TL1.txt file;
  • You can have up to 7 different pages (groups) showing on the screen. You can change groups by using the F1 to F7 keys or using the Mouse Wheel;
  • Righ click and drag an item to change the image Y offset;
  • The database is just a text (.txt) file that you can mess around with. This makes organizing things easier;
  • Two skins: Retro and Modern Dark;
  • You can add an image or title to each item;
  • I have included several macros examples for Studio One V5. For each item you add to the screen you will set a MIDI CC that you can use to automate any macro inside Studio One.

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