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The Plugin Manager, MIDI Processor, Buffer and Bridger.

Windows PC Only 64 bits native formats: Stand Alone App, VST2 and VST3.

A windows plugin hosting tool that allows bridging from formats VST2/VST3, Platforms (32/64 bits) and also adds an extra layer of crash-protection by "buffering" plugins into separated processes. This way if a plugin crashes you can decide if you want just to reload it and re-use the last saved details or just close your entire project and start over. You can also rename plugins and have them display any name you want or hide plugins that you don't want to use at the moment. Another option allows sub-folders to be created per plugin, so you can organize plugins better (if your host/daw supports creating sub-menus for sub-folders).

How will this work? You will open Wusik X42 and scan the plugins you have. Now you setup a target folder where Wusik X42 will place the "dummy" plugin files and select the target plugin format: VST2/VST3. In your DAW/Host you set to use this later folder instead of your regular plugins folder. Now every time you select a plugin you are actually selecting a "dummy" file that will handle your original plugin file. You can them use VST2 plugins as VST3 plugins, from either 32/64 bits versions. You can even use VST3 plugins in a VST2 host. And if you have a 64 bits OS you can even host 64 bits plugins into 32 bits hosts.

Some Extra Options (those are selected from the plugin interface menu, which can be hidden)

  • Oversampling Selector.
  • MIDI Processors (same as in Wusik P2000).
  • Programs Listing, Selection, Loading and Saving FXB/FXP.


  • Plugins Source Folder(s).
  • Plugins Target Format: VST2/VST3.
  • Plugins Target Folder.
  • On Plugin Crash: auto-reload: on/off.
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